Apple Design Keyboard M2980

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Vintage Apple keyboard with adb connector completely restored with retrobright process.


The AppleDesign Keyboard, part number M2980, was Apple's first low-cost full-size Macintosh keyboard, i.e. one with a function key row and navigation cluster. The AppleDesign Keyboard used rubber domes, where the high end Apple Extended Keyboard used Alps SKCL/SKCM series mechanical switches.

This version, with Alps membrane dome switches, has a self-contained membrane module that screws to the base of the keyboard. Unlike other versions the black key mounting plate is curved and takes integrated mount keycaps. The domes are clear. This version was made by Alps Electric, with identical dome housings to the Alps KFRF-1 The controller chip reads "©APPLE, Inc." Fixed cable that exits within a cable channel.


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